Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Coolest Family Ever!

Last week my friend Brooke asked me to take her family's pictures. They are moving away and wanted to get some pictures taken in good old AZ before they split.

I am so sad that they are moving! I thought of telling her that I would only take her pictures if she would stay. But unfortunately, my photography skills aren't good enough to be that persuasive.

On a positive note, I got to spend some time having a ball while taking their pictures.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Twirl Girl

A secondhand Minnie Mouse dress can make a 3 year old's day. Thanks Aunt Magi!
You are a pretty princess! Wild hair, bare feet and all! I love you sweet Ella Rose!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mom Is An Artist!

Oh you poor blog, you! You have been sorely neglected! I have been up to my eyeballs in headbands and I will try to do better!

I'm sure you all have been just dying for another blog post, right? If I had a sarcasm font, I would have just typed that sentence with it.

Anyway, I've missed so much it would be a bore to me and you to try and catch up on all of it so let's just pick up right here, shall we? Here we go:

Did you know that my mom is an artist? I have been wanting to post about her for awhile and today is the day!

My mom has a master's degree from BYU in art. She has used everything from oil paints, pencils, pastels, to stained glass.

Her styles have been landscapes, abstract, impressionism, you name it.

Her latest is photography. Well sort of...

I will be honest. I have a hard time explaining what she does now to people. I will just let her super cool pictures do the talking.

What Happens At Night:
Self Critic:
Delivering Peace:
Movement Is Not Progress:

Pretty cool, huh? If you like her stuff, please go to her Flickr page and leave her some friendly comments. You can see lots of her other work there too!