Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tabby's Hair

Little Miss Tabby was in dire need of a haircut. She wouldn't let me cut it for the longest time. She wanted to grow it out long. Just like I learned before I got my haircut a few weeks ago, there is a fine line between long pretty hair and rag-a-muffin homeless-esque. Tabby's hair was definitely the latter. And her hair is pretty coarse like mine so I always had a hard time making it look smooth and silky.

Finally, last night she said I could cut her hair but only if I gave her bangs. This was hard for me to agree to because I have absolutely no hair cutting training besides watching the stylist cut my own hair and how to's on the internet. I don't think they give certificates for that. So, with my lack of knowledge, I thought that cutting respectable looking bangs was going to be a challenge. Nonetheless I decided to go for it because I really wanted her hair cut. And I didn't want to pay for it. Maybe I should have. You can be the judge.

Here is the before:
Rocking the scraggle style:
And the after:
I probably didn't do the best job in the world and if you look closely I'm sure you would see a million mistakes. But she likes it. And it was free.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Headbands

Hey everyone, I have an Etsy shop now regarding my headbands for women and girls. Not much merch on there but I'm working fast! You like?

Monday, January 18, 2010

6 Months Already

This little chunky monkey turned 6 months old already!
He's accomplished quite a lot in his life so far. He rolls over both ways. He snatches anything within arms reach and puts it right directly in his mouth. This includes my hair. He has two teeth sprouting and he continues to be ginormous. I just wish one of the things on the list of stuff he can do is hold own bottle. He'd rather have his mama feed him. I guess I will miss that when he gets older so I shouldn't complain too much.

I just love his pudgy little hands. So squishy. Check out the slobber covered finger. That's one of his new things to combat his teething.
Fat little feet too! Yum! Here's one time where cankles are actually cute!
Compare these two similar pics:

3 months:
6 months:
Oooo! I love it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Result

Well here's me after the hair cut:
It's really not as exciting as the photo I posted as my inspiration picture in the post below. I just didn't have time to go put on my boots and go tromping around in the woods with my chunky vintage scarf and professional photographer. I do really like my new style though. Dale, bless him, was so patient with me and took lots of pics. There were ones that showed the detail of my cut more but I looked the least fat in this one so of course it's the one I'm going to show you.

My stylist cut about 7" inches off and did some much needed thinning. When my hair was swept up into a pile it looked about the size of a large cat. SO much of it!

I felt like I needed to post this picture because last time I got my hair cut, I asked everybody's opinion and I never posted what I ended up getting and I know everyone was SO LET DOWN!!!! Now we can all let out our collective sigh of relief.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cross Your Fingers!

I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow. It's only been 7 months. Last time it was almost a year so I guess I'm ahead of schedule. I like my long hair but it's ridiculously long. Cousin Itt long.

This style is what I'm going for. I hope my hair dresser can work her scissor magic and send me home with this.
You like? I do.


This is my new fascination that has been keeping me from cleaning my house. So glad I can always think of something better to do than clean. I did tidy up my office though. Now you can see the carpet.

The first 3 are for grown-ups, I just happened to have my cute little neighbor girl standing right in the room when I needed a model. They look a tad huge on her!
My lovely neighbor Marcy wearing one:
Here's Tabby wearing hers:
Once you get the hang of it, they actually aren't too hard to make.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Pics of Christmas

I finally got around to taking down Christmas around here last night. I'm sad it's come and gone. I don't miss the money sucking driving consumerism part of it but I do miss feeling festive and enjoying the spirit that Christmas time brings. Oh well, the days seem to fly by now that I'm older. I'm sure it will be here again before I know it.

Anyhow, here's the rest of the Holiday Roundup.

On Christmas Eve, right before we sent the kids to bed, we sprinkled the reindeer food in the lawn. All the kids took turns and I'm sure Rudolph was very grateful for the treat.
Then as we went inside to prepare a plate of cookies for Santa, we heard scratching and squeaking at the door! The kids ran outside and look what was there!
PJ's from the Elves!!! How sweet of them to always bring the kids new jammies on Christmas Eve. This is the 4th year now that they remembered.
Looks like the elves didn't forget me either!
Now get to bed!
The jammies were actually given to me by my next door neighbor Marcy, who is not an elf. She found these on Black Friday for $3 each!

Now on to Christmas morning. Let the ravenous paper shredding begin.

Here's Tabby opening the famed Zhu Zhu Pets:
Gunner was excited about his new binkies:
And his new ball:
Here is Dale with a gift for me. Notice the "Dale Morris Special" wrapping job. I'm a lucky gal.
I especially liked how the bow was attached:
Ella Rose was excited about her gift:
Here's Rex with one of his faves:

Note to self. Do not use such tough wrapping paper next year. Also, I had no Scotch tape when I wrapped these so instead of buying some, I went on the cheap and just used the clear packing tape that I already had. That with the thick wrapping paper made a lot of the gifts almost impenetrable.

After that we headed to my parents to open gifts with the family and eat breakfast. It was delish.

Check it:
Every year my sis makes this unbelivable butterscotch pull-apart. I requested that she put a rediculous amount of glaze on it. Devine. Here's my dad in his red sweater. He's had this thing since he was 14 and has worn it for every Christmas that I can remember. It kinda looks like the sweater's sleeves grew and the waist shrank. Wouldn't be Christmas without the red sweater!
After breakfast, we took a family picture in my mom's art studio. It's a downright Christmas miracle that everyone is looking at the camera. Gunner looks rather merry, doesn't he? Ella Rose just won't give you a regular smile. She thinks it's funny now but I bet she won't think it's so funny when she is a teenager and I show her crazy face pictures to all her friends for revenge.

Then it was time to open gifts again.

Grandpa loved his Beatles set from Grandma:
Madeline liked her pony. Grandma was excited that a grandkid finally liked horses.
Tinker Toys!
Tabby collected all the ribbons for us:
Magi made my girls these darling dresses out of T-shirts:
Madeline with her daddy:
Ella loved her ballerina costume. Here she is dancing for us:
Looks like the dancing is over:

That's it! We're moving on!