Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stuff That We Did

Sheesh, I haven't blogged in a while. Here's my make up post.

You are gonna laugh when I tell you why I haven't spent much time with my computer. I''m cheating on it with Mario Kart. You will notice that my last post was December 24th. The day before Mario Kart came into my life. Dale and I got the kids a Wii for Christmas. They really like it and play it a lot but unfortunately, Mama got addicted too and it's monopolized my free time in such a way that blogging and FB are mere acquaintances and we used to be totally hooked up. So now I'm going to try and make it up to my blog by giving you the Christmas run-down.

To get us in the Christmas spirit, we had some neighbors come over a few weeks before Christmas to make gingerbread houses. That's Janeice with her kids on the left and Marcy with her kiddos on the right.
Marcy's boys Aidan and Declan.
Ella doing her share as the official frosting taster.
Tabby worked so hard to get it just right.
Janeice's kids Hadley, Davin, and Addy.
Our finished product. Tabby put lots of detail into it. Wonder who she got that from....
Another fun thing I did with the kids was make reindeer food for the neighbors and for ourselves to sprinkle on the lawn just before bedtime on Christmas Eve. What do reindeers eat you might ask? Well, they like a simple combo of oatmeal and glitter. Yum.
A fun poem attached:

On Christmas Eve, we did our traditional ice skating fiesta at Polar Ice. Ella was pretty much hopeless out there still but Rex ended up doing it all on his own. Last year, he could only get around with help (ouch, my back) or by hanging on the side going at a snail's pace. Tabby did really well too.

Tabby and myself:
Ella got some help with cousin Rachel (right) and her friend:
But this is how she spent most of her time out on the ice:
So glad the Andersons could join us! Here's Heidi and Tucker:
Chris and Tatum.
Rex, being super proud of himself.
Shephard and cousin Kinley. Look at that cute red nose!
Me and miss Ella. I could only take her around once that way. My back and arms were not cool with it.
Miss Diva Divapants herself:
Here's some sweet footage:

Notice Rex's awesome skate/walk style:

Here's Tabby. All business:

I got lots more pics. They will have to wait till tomorrow. This is seriously cutting in on my Mario Kart time.

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Momma Dianna said...

You are too funny Alys! You and my son both are completely addicted (we went the Wii route for Christmas also) and too bad my guy had to go back to school today and cheat on his Marios (we got Super Mario Bros too). Looks like ya'll had a fun Christmas season...your kids always look so cute :)