Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ready for Christmas!

Here are some shots I took of the kids before church on Sunday. Lil' darlings all dressed up for Christmas! I tried to find dresses that would work for Easter too but I couldn't find any I liked that would work for both holidays. I found these Christmas dresses and the girlies loved them. I'll just have to worry about Easter when it comes a long.

Ella Rose
Admiring her dress:
Rex got a new tie. I don't tell him how to pose. He comes up with this stuff all on his own.
Love this next one. I think he kinda looks like a Norman Rockwell boy:
Rex helped me take some pics of Gunner in his Sunday finery:
Merry Christmas!


C. Geertsen said...

I am knocked out with cuteness. Beautiful photos, beautiful kids.

Five Silly Switzer's said...

You always take such great pictures of your kids. Rex-agon(My kids call him that??)is so sweet and cute. Hadley says she wants to marry him some day!!

caroline said...


Tim and Shay said...

so cute! the dresses are beautiful and I love Tabby's hair.