Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

The Morris' are now elven superstars. Watch the video and see...

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't read this if you haven't seen it...

So I went and saw Twilight last Friday along with everybody else in the world and their grandmas.

A bunch of us went together to celebrate Karolee's birthday and Cresta had the brilliant idea of seeing a matinee showing. No line, we just walked right in! And it was cheaper. Which is a good thing because weather or not is worth the money is debatable. It was worth mine because I absolutely adore these books, if you aren't head over heels for the books then you will probably think the movie is kinda stupid.

I personally thought it was pretty good. The thing that bugged me was sometimes when the actors said something directly from the book it came out super cheesy and it the book it wasn't. And the meadow scene...ugh. That should have been edited right out of the film if that's how they were gonna do it. Did the budget run out right before they added the crystal effect on Edward? Come on! I have shimmer powder that would do a better job than that! On the other hand, loved the scene where Edward rescues Bella from those guys and the baseball scene was great too. The best part was when Alice rips James' head right off. Kidding. I did enjoy it though.

Afterward, we went to dinner at Streets of New York. Yum! Cresta and Suzy had to run home after the movie. We missed you guys!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Are you gonna see it this weekend?
Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cirque du Morris

Dale's big biceps are not just good for picking up heavy things, they make playing with the kids extra fun.
He starts them out on their back and then launches them into the air. The kids have all practiced this a lot so now they add tricky things like flipping around and coming back down on your tummy like this:

Tabby gives it extra flair. Look Coach Suzy, legs straight, feet together!

Even Baby Ella loves it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Fabric Pumkins

Made some more of these fun little pumpkins. You gotta try it. Just don't look too close, you might see all my sewing mistakes!

Here is the website with the pattern:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are You Missing Something?

The other day we were driving and Dale said to me, "Is there something you want to tell me about?" I knew he was joking but the way he said it freaked me out. He told me he was cleaning the car out earlier in the day and he had found something. He asked me to look in the bin underneath my seat. First of all, we've had this van for about 5 months now and I had no idea that there WAS a bin under my seat until that moment. I slid it out and this is what greeted me:Um.... Is this yours??? Cause I know for a fact it's not mine. I was A.) disgusted thinking about what happened in my van before I bought it and B.) excited for this cool bin under the passenger's seat that I didn't know was there.

What should I do with my new sexy bra? I'm for sure not wearing it. No need for a strapless here. Should I try to return it to it's rightful owner? A fun toy in the car to keep the kids busy? I new antenna decoration? It sure would be easy to spot my car in a parking lot if I had this baby dangling from it. Hmmm, so many options. What do you think?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Part Deux

I'm over Halloween but I want to get these pics up here for y'all to see because I said I was going to.

We had two family parties during the week. First was the Morris party:

Our cute little cousin Ameliah:
Miranda found an alternative witch hat. She's workin' it.

The traditional mummy relay race. I can't remember who won but I saw some serious cheating from both sides.
Our attempt at a group picture:
Todd, Julie and Cannon:

Then we had a party at my parents house:

Look at the cute place settings my mom did for the grandkids.

We went outside to play a bit.

Rex and Tabby enjoyed destroying their costumes by climbing up this wall and then jumping off it.
My ultra-festive costume. I'm outta control, aren't I?

Magi's daughter Madeline was the cutest spider fairy. Yes, she made this costume. Yes, you can be jealous of her skillz.
A regular tulle explosion right here.After we stuffed our faces, we snuggled up to watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Love that movie.

Tabby was super excited about her school Halloween parade. I made her wear her wonder woman costume from last year because I was afraid she'd tear her fairy costume to shreds. Surprisingly, she was cool with it. Check out this pic of her. Do you see what she's doing? That's what wonder woman actually does in the Justice League cartoons! She loves to watch those with her Daddy. I can't believe she remembered that wonder woman does that.

Here's Rex at his preschool Halloween recital. He's in the middle riser on the far right. This was the only usable pic I had. He had to go potty and so he had his hand you know where the whole dang time.

How do I get Tabby's hair so big and curly, you ask? Curl, then tease, spray and tease some more.
Here we are after finger combing the curls, much better.
Oh, well excuse me for taking your picture Miss Priss!

We actually went to two Trunk-or-Treats (told you this week was packed with awesomeness.) This is from when we crashed Dale's brother Rob's ward trunk-or-treat. This is Ella fired up to do the ol' fishing for candy game.

Here we are at our own ward's trunk-or-treat. We were sad because we only got to stay for 30 min because we always go trick or treating at Rob's house every year.

And here we are ACTUALLY TRICK OR TREATING. Finally, doing what the whole week lead up to! There's Tabby, Celeste, and Joseph at their first stop.
There, I posted all my Halloween stuff. I wash my hands of it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Pics!

Whew! What a busy Halloween week it was. I may have already mentioned that Halloween is my fave holiday and so I made sure this past week was packed with awesomeness. I have a lot to share and it's 11:00 p.m. so I'll put up some pics of the kids and I will do the rest later. I know you are bummed at having to wait. You are all going to hold your breath, aren't you?

Before the costumes got trashed, I went to my parent's house and took some pics.

Tabby was a flower fairy. Thanks to Magi for helping make the costume!

Rex was Batman. He was dead set on this costume. There was no getting around it. I have to say he rocked it.
His eyes never seemed to line up with the holes in the mask... He didn't seem to mind though.
Ella was the cutest darn poodle you ever saw! Got this costume for half price on eBay!

What? All 3 kids looking at the camera at the same time? It's a Halloween miracle!