Thursday, September 30, 2010

Outside Halloween Decorations

The outside of my house is all ready for Halloween. The inside is too. I actually had that done before the outside but let's just say there is a little bit of a mess I need to clear away before I can get some good inside shots. I will work on that today. Or maybe not. Soon anyway.

The front entrance:

This frame actually hangs in my bathroom most of the year but I thought it would look nice on my door behind my boo hanger. Anything for Halloween, right?

The birdcages were $1.00 each. They came in odd colors so I just spray painted them all silver.

This hangs beside the door. Making this was no easy task. Painting the letters took FOREVER! But the end result was worth it.

Here's my spooky tree which I think looks a little sad and lonely. Once upon a time there was a cute bench next to this pot that I got at Costco for $40.00. Then some jerkface stole it. I had plans to dress it up so lovely for Halloween too. Angry doesn't begin to describe how I felt about my property being stolen.

Inside decoration pics are coming soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Think Footballs Not Hairbows

Dale and I went to get our routine ultrasound done this morning. Finding out the gender was merely a formality for me since I was positive it was a girl. I have been able to foresee the genders of all my previous children so why would this one be different? I'm 4 for 5 now because we are having a boy!

I was thinking hair bows and tu-tus. Now I must switch to footballs and trucks.

I had a girl name all picked out and hadn't spent one second thinking of a boy name. That's how sure I was that I was having a baby of the feminine variety.

Names anyone? Cause I'm stumped.

But in all reality, we are thrilled. Another healthy baby for the Morris clan! Gunner gets a built in best friend and Ella is very pleased that she gets to continue being the "baby girl."

And just for fun, here are the suggestions given to me by my children. None of them are on the short list, shall we say. No offense if you have named your child one of these names.

Tabby - Carl
Rex - Ollie or Dragon Ball Z
Ella - Rocket Ship

Sorry all you Rocket Ships out there. I don't think I will be carrying on your name...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


During August and September we had quite a few "firsts."

It all started with the first day of school! We are trying out a new school this year. Unfortunately, we had too many bad experiences with last year's school and I felt like I had no choice but to find a good charter school in the area. Well, find a good one I did. The kids love it and I love it.

Tabby began 2nd grade and Rex began kindergarten.

Then it was Ella's first day of preschool! Before the school year began, I told her new teacher to brace herself for Hurricane Ella. Her teacher is quite good though and Ella adjusted to classroom life in no time.

Ella also had her first dance class. After years of watching her big sister go to dance, it was finally Ella's turn. Ella has already displayed her passion for dance around the home. Anything with a beat to it gets her movin'. She puts a little too much bootie in it if you ask me so I'm happy to have her in a class to help her get a little more"direction."

And finally, Rex started flag football!
Check out his intimidating face. I'm sure the other team was terrified.
This pic doesn't say much. I just thought it was cute.
He would not keep that danged mouth guard in! Every shot I have shows it hanging out!
He did really great, lasted in the heat, and had a lot of fun. I loved that at the end of the game, not one of the boys asked what the score was. All they wanted to know was what kind of snack they were getting.

For the record we got 2 touchdowns and a safety. The other team got 3 touchdowns. We were beat by 4 points.

Although, the opposing team had an awesome little girl who outran everybody and scored all three of their team's goals. Can't be mad at the girl power.