Thursday, September 30, 2010

Outside Halloween Decorations

The outside of my house is all ready for Halloween. The inside is too. I actually had that done before the outside but let's just say there is a little bit of a mess I need to clear away before I can get some good inside shots. I will work on that today. Or maybe not. Soon anyway.

The front entrance:

This frame actually hangs in my bathroom most of the year but I thought it would look nice on my door behind my boo hanger. Anything for Halloween, right?

The birdcages were $1.00 each. They came in odd colors so I just spray painted them all silver.

This hangs beside the door. Making this was no easy task. Painting the letters took FOREVER! But the end result was worth it.

Here's my spooky tree which I think looks a little sad and lonely. Once upon a time there was a cute bench next to this pot that I got at Costco for $40.00. Then some jerkface stole it. I had plans to dress it up so lovely for Halloween too. Angry doesn't begin to describe how I felt about my property being stolen.

Inside decoration pics are coming soon!


Kim Skinner said...

awesome as always. where did you get those birdcages? they are delicious!

Godfrey Family said...

The love the decorations Alys! I was bummed I didn't get to see you last night. I thought for sure I would get to see you at a crafty Halloween get together. Hopefully again soon. Congrats on the great news that you're expecting a boy. I hope you are feeling well and taking it easy a bit. Love and miss you!

Brooke Romney said...

Love it all. You are so fun. And, you are kidding...someone stole your bench!!! So sad. I bet you are fuming!