Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Our big Easter Sunday celebration was again at my parents house this year. We had the traditional breakfast for dinner followed by an epic egg hunt. The kids waited inside while the grown ups hid the eggs. I didn't even try to say it was the Easter Bunny who left the eggs and I'm pretty sure they all saw us walking around hiding the eggs. I think the kids put two and two together on that one.

Gunner trying to bust out before it's time to start:
20110424-Easter Parade-03.jpg

Ella finding the loot:
20110424-Easter Parade-04.jpg
20110424-Easter Parade-05.jpg

Tabby scored the most eggs:
20110424-Easter Parade-08.jpg

Race watched with envy:
20110424-Easter Parade-12.jpg

20110424-Easter Parade-10.jpg

Grandma had a big sheet of coloring paper:
20110424-Easter Parade-14.jpg
20110424-Easter Parade-16.jpg

We followed everything up with a kids and grand kids picture.
20110424-Easter Parade-02.jpg