Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Decorations

Welcome to Morris Family Halloween 2010! Much like 2009 but with a few new additions!

Let me take you on a tour...

Here is the kitchen area:

I learned to make the cake stands from this blog.

I found some witchy looking gloves at an antique store. They look cute next to my witchy sign.

The kitchen table. Shoulda straightened those candlesticks before I took the picture...

There are two of these wreaths framing the back window:

The top of the fridge:

A vase of spooky bones hides my unsightly phone cord:

Some countertop decorations. I found the gumball machine at the same place I got the witchy gloves but it was red. As soon as I saw it, I decided it would make a great Halloween decoration. That's how my crazy mind works. Also, do you see the milk glass globes? My mom got those for me as a gift. I put candles in them and placed them on either side of my stove. Lovely, aren't they?

The mirror in the kitchen:

One of my fave decorations are my hanging EEK letters.
Give me some Modge Podge and glitter and I'm a happy gal.

I found a stand for the witch's hat I made last year.

Even some spookiness for the bathroom door:

The ledge next to the TV cabinet. This area stumps me every year. The ledge is narrow and it's hard to place things so they don't get in the way of the clock hands. This is the best I could do.

The top of the TV cabinet. You only see the very top of the cabinet because the shelves of the cabinet may or may not have been cluttered with crap.

I got this tree at Wal Mart last Christmas time. It had ugly red lights on it. I promptly took those off and replaced them with orange lights. I found the orange ornaments at Hobby Lobby and painted black glitter dots on them and I found the silver garland at Hobby Lobby as well. All of these things were being sold as Christmas decor. What's up with Christmas stuff looking like Halloween? Or maybe I'm just "blurring the lines?"

The ledges above my couch. Man, somebody really needs to dust those.

This sign and pillow hang on the closet door:
Actually, I think that boo sign is one of the very first Halloween decorations I made and can be blamed for kicking off my Halloween craft making obsession. Ah memories.

Don't look too close on the pillow. I did a terrible job on the ruffles. I do not claim to be a master of sewing.
I wanted to add a big silver spider to that pillow but never found one. Maybe next year.

And last but not least on this tour is my entryway table. It doesn't photograph well though. The window behind it makes everything back lit. If you squint, I think you will be able to see everything.
This poor table is getting covered with more and more stuff each year.

Let's check out it's first year way back in 2008:
Yeah, you can hardly see the actual table now.

I think on Halloween, more is more not less, right?

The newest addition to the table is this big sign I made from a kitchen cabinet door. I glued on moulding to make it look less cabinet-y. Then I painted it white and rubbed it with some black stuff and painted on my words and raven. Sorry about the blurry photo. I didn't realize it wasn't in focus till I saw it on my computer. I'm not going through the trouble of taking another one. That's how I roll.

Well that about wraps it up! Hope you liked it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boutique This Saturday!

If you live in AZ then come out to this awesome boutique this weekend! I will be selling women's headbands along with brooches and cute girlie headbands as well! Here is a sample of what I have:

Here is a copy of the flyer with all the information and the address! Click on it to enlarge.

Please come! It's going to be a really fun afternoon!