Monday, October 5, 2009

More Halloween Decorations

A little update to my Halloween decorations. I swore to myself that this is the last round of decorations I would make. After all, I need time to actually enjoy the season, right? Well, we'll see...

Anyway, for our card club (we make crafts too) we made these awesome witch hats. It was Shenise's idea so I totally can't take credit. But we did all go out and buy our own "flair" which was fun because it made each hat individual and darling in their own ways. I wish I had pics of everyone else's hats, they were all so amazing. Here's mine:
I got the purple hat at Wal-Mart. It already had the tulle, mesh and silky purple flowers on it. No specific instructions on how to make it. Just buy a bunch of stuff you like and glue gun the crap out of it.

I made this sign buy stamping my Halloween stamps on to fabric. Paper would work fine too.
I had trouble figuring out how to make my ledge look right. I think I finally did it. I got the tall fake candles from Hobby Lobby. The Halloween decor wasn't on sale at the time but the check out girl did me a solid and rang them up under metal decor which happened to be 50% off. The apothecary jar was also 50% off. If something you want at Hobby Lobby isn't on sale, wait five minutes and it will be.

Made this sign by painting a wood plaque black and applying scrapbook paper to the front. Then, I stamped a witch on to black card stock, embossed it white, and cut it out. I glued it to the plaque and stuck black rhinestones all around the edges. I had some orange trim that made a great hanger for it. The broom was $5.00 from JoAnn's. On sale, of course.

I have to laugh about this tassel. Dale bought it for me. I know that's weird but my husband is very smart. He knows my love language is special gifts, you see. And it's kind of obvious how I feel about Halloween decorations. I was down in the dumps the other night and I had sent him to get baby formula and not only did he come home with the formula, he came home with this tassel. He seriously went to Michael's and picked it out. Love that guy. I like how it looks with my wreath.

The chandelier was cheap to do. Orange tulle for $1.00 at HL and paper mache stars and a spider cut out from there as well. I spray painted the stars and glitterfied the spider. I added a black string of beads that I already had. This cost me less than $10.00, I believe.
There you have it!

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Adele Heslington said...

Can you please come to my house and decorate it. I love all the things you do! Saw your picture on domestic bliss. I just voted for you! Good Luck!

kspinning said...

The hat looks great! And the chandelier is fantastic! I really need to do more decorating... ;-)

Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

cute :)

~Bobbi~ said...

Oh my goodness gracious! Beautiful decorations. Love them.