Monday, October 12, 2009

Spooky Tree

I've had the inside of my house decorated for Halloween for almost a month now. I didn't want to do the outside until now because I didn't want people I live by to know that I am crazy. They all probably think that already...

So anyway about the outside.

In this new place that we are in I have something that I've never had before, a porch! Well, if you can call it that. It's more like a tiny slab of cement that barely fits a couple chairs. I was excited to think of a decoration to go on it nonetheless. Being strapped for cash, I tried to come up with something that could cost next to nothing. Here's what ended up on my porch:
Now I kinda cheated as far as saying this is cheap to make because I already had a lot of this stuff on hand. Like a tree. I had a tree in my front yard that needed pruning. My mom had a flower pot she didn't need anymore and I had some leftover spider webbing from last year, and lots of black spray paint in the garage. I had originally bought the paint to refinish my coffee table but that can wait, I guess.
So all in all this cost me $6.00 and a trip to the dollar store. They didn't have black ornaments but they did have a pack of red ones for Christmas which I spray painted black. They also had a ghost sign and some black birds that were in questionable condition. I figured they would go outside and get beat up anyway so I bought them.I removed the leaves from the branches (Rex helped me by whacking them with his dollar store sword) spray painted them black, along with the ornaments and also the flower pot. I filled the pot with dirt and stuck the branches in. Then had the buff hubby carry the pot to the porch where I finished it off with the decos. I thought about buying lights to put on it but decided it looked cute enough with out them and I'd rather save my $$$. I'll have more fun next year thinking of whatever else I can add to it but for now, I dig it.

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