Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Honor Of Dad

20110422-Lanelle & Jerry Morris blog.jpg
My dear father in law Jerry Morris passed away a week ago on June 12th from pancreatic cancer.

He is an amazing man loved by many many people. Yesterday was his funeral. It was a beautiful day mixed with tears and smiles. He doesn't want us to mope around and be sad. He wants us to be joyful. I tried my best to be. It hurts to know he's moved on to heaven but it brings me happiness to know he isn't in pain anymore. He fought the good fight and endured to the end.

He lived a outstanding life and made many friends along the way. You could tell how much he was loved by the packed church house.

He only lived about two and a half months after his diagnosis but those 2 and a half months were spent with family. We visited with each other, told stories and grew closer. I know Papa loved that.

He leaves behind a beautiful legacy of righteousness, obeying the Lord and serving others.

Before he passed, he made us promise to make sure our chair in heaven isn't empty. I tell my kids every day that we must make sure our chair in heaven isn't empty because more than anything, Papa wants us to join him there.

One thing Papa loved to be was a missionary. He loved opportunities to share the gospel with anyone who was interested. He even found a way to do it after he passed. When he knew he was dying, he recorded a message that he wanted played at his funeral. It's a beautiful message of hope and love. I've attached it to this post. I hope you listen to it. I know he would want as many people as possible to hear it.

We love you so much Dad! Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tabby is Eight!

I'm so proud of my sweet Tabby! She turned 8 today!

She's such a genuine and caring little girl. I'm amazed at her love for reading and art. She treats others with fairness and kindness. With the exception of her siblings sometimes =) there isn't a mean bone in her body. I love her to pieces!

She is getting baptized later this month and my mom and I took some pictures of her sweet little self.
20110604-Best Tabby Morris Baptism-13.jpg
20110604-Best Tabby Morris Baptism-06.jpg
20110604-Best Tabby Morris Baptism-11.jpg
20110604-Best Tabby Morris Baptism-01.jpg