Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!

Today is Race's half birthday! He's 6 months old today. I could have sworn I just brought him home from the hospital last week but here we are, halfway to one year.

He is for sure my last baby and I'm trying to savor every moment of his babiness. Kinda hard to do when it's your 5th kid. I think the last one should grow extra slow, don't you?

Like all the others, he is a happy happy kiddo. He rolls and rolls and he tries so dang hard to scoot but just can't get the hang of it yet. He is very proud of his two toofies which he will happily use on your finger should he get a hold of it.

I took some pictures of the little Racer to commemorate his half birthday today.
Race 1.jpg
Race 2.jpg
Race 3.jpg
Race 5.jpg
Race 4.jpg

You are very much loved my little baby boy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Little Ladybug!

On Saturday Ella got to have her first "friend" birthday party. When I asked her what she wanted as a theme she picked a ladybug theme. Ella gave me lots of ideas and I think she ended up having a pretty fun party! She got to invite all her friends and felt super special.

We got to take some pics before the tornado of 5 year olds hit the house. The calm before the storm.

Janice and Sally stayed up late to help me create this:

Place setting:

Bugs on the wall. I got the idea to do these from here.

Another adorable cake made by my sis, Magi.

Front Door. The idea came from here.

The birthday girl! She's five and dang proud of it!

Being a ham:

The kids got to make ladybugs and habitats for them. There was also a pinata and Just Dance on the Wii.

Opening gifts:

Blowing out the candles with Miranda's help:

You are very much loved my sweet hilarious little Ellabug! Happy birthday!

First Day Of School 2011

I did it! I made it through the summer! Phew!

I will miss my kids while they are at school but let's just say I'm glad they are there!

We took some pics before we rushed out the door.

Tabby who is a THIRD GRADER!!! Amazing. What a cutie!

Rex who is excited to be in first grade. Stud!

And Ella Rose. My cute little kindergartner!

My attempt at a group shot. This was the least chaotic pose they gave me.

My big kids ran off with out a second thought to their classes and I barely got to smooch them but I did get to go into Ella's class with her and help her hang her backpack and find her desk.

I will miss my little Ella a bit. I'm used to Tabby and Rex being at school but last year she was my little sidekick while the "big kids" were away. Now she's one of them.

So I guess I have an open spot for a new side kick. I think I know who will fill it...