Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Naughtiness to the Nth Degree

Here's all the wonderful high jinks my daughter Ella perpetrated while I was working in my office today:

1.) Peed on the bathroom floor. Creative. She's never done that before.
2.) Dumped dirt all over the dog.
3.) Squeezed all of Tabby's glitter lotion onto her bed.
4.) Colored in some tile grout with a permanent marker (anyone know how to get that out?)
5.) Climbed onto the counter and ate all the cookies I was saving for the kids as an after lunch treat. I must have told her 80 trillion times not to touch them. Tabby was way ticked that her cookie was eaten.
6.) Pushed the couch in the loft across the room. What? Why? I think she evokes super human strength when I'm not looking.

As naughty as this all sounds, I know she's not a bad girl because she's pretty well behaved when I'm not working. And she's not a mean little girl at all. She's just looking for a little attention. I just wish she sought it in different ways like maybe vacuuming, taking out the trash, or cleaning the bathrooms. I would for sure lavish the attention on her if she did those things!

So to my darling little Ella Rose, we love you dearly, you are a princess. But please turn the misbehavior down a few notches. Your mom thanks you kindly.


Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

gotta love the antics :)

Adele Heslington said...

For the Magic Marker try some hairspray, it works to get it out of cloths, hopefully it will work on grout!

Kari said...

Maybe try telling her NOT to clean the bathroom or sweep the floors. :) They always want to do the stuff we tell them not to do. :) As far as the grout, my sis in law had the same thing happen with permanent marker and she said toothpaste and a grout brush actually worked. Good luck!
P.S. I hope your sweet babe is doing better now!

Magi said...

edag, have her color in the rest of the grout with that marker

The Frosts said...

No fun! I've heard the hairspray thing too, so good luck. I like your Halloween blog header and all your decorations.