Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cirque du Morris

Dale's big biceps are not just good for picking up heavy things, they make playing with the kids extra fun.
He starts them out on their back and then launches them into the air. The kids have all practiced this a lot so now they add tricky things like flipping around and coming back down on your tummy like this:

Tabby gives it extra flair. Look Coach Suzy, legs straight, feet together!

Even Baby Ella loves it.


Michelle said...

oh my gosh! that's nuts! how fun ist that!

Lil Beck said...

Isn't Dale the BEST DAD EVER?!!!! Our dad used to do that kinda stuff, too. Does he lay on the ground and let the kids take his shoes off after work?


johnsonteammom said...

I wanted to see him throw you!!

Magi said...

captain safety would not approve

The Frosts said...

That is really funny. Cute little acrobats.

Heather and Brad said...

How fun!! Tabby's 'form' really does look good!