Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thoughts on 30

Well I turned the big 3-0. Yay. Super.

Can you tell I'm not too thrilled about it? Not that 30 is old by any means, I'm just bummed to not be in my 20's anymore. Now I have to act all grown up and stuff. I asked Dale (who is 9 years older than me) if he was sad that he no longer had a wife in her 20's. He said "Not at all because you're about to have a husband in his 40's."

For some reason, 30 just seems like a milestone birthday to me. I feel like I should have accomplished a great many things by now. I haven't cured any diseases or brought about world peace yet but I did have 4 kids. That's kinda big.

Also, I'd say that learning a lot is just as important as doing a lot and believe me, I've learned many of life's lessons these past years. I've learned that I would much rather have everything that I need and not everything I want. I've learned that the Lord knows better than I do so just leave it up to Him. I've learned that having faith can get you through anything. I've learned that I have the best husband in the world. I could probably go on for days. I was really stupid before I got married.

So you may remember last December that I told Dale I wanted my 30th birthday to be My Best Birthday Ever and he only had a year to plan it. Well it didn't quite turn out like that. Not because of Dale though. A few weeks ago I started to wonder what we might be doing for My Best Birthday Ever and I started to feel bad about all the pressure I put on Dale to make it My Best Birthday Ever. I realized that I was pretty much setting him up for failure and that I was being selfish. We don't have tons of cash laying around these days (having trouble getting my money tree to grow) so he would pretty much have to rob a bank to make something big happen. So about a week before, I said that I just wanted him to take me to the temple for my birthday. So that's where we went Tuesday night. Dale's parents came along and were so kind enough to buy us dinner afterwards. I had a great time and I can't think of a better way to celebrate my 30th.

In the way of gifts, I did get these beautiful roses from Dale.
This pic was taken with my new killer birthday camera lens compliments of my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad! You can see that I waited a few days to take a picture of the roses. A smidge wilted.

Along with the roses, Dale also got me Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches instead of cake. Not because he thinks I need to lose a few people! I could see how that might be an insulting gift. He got them because he knows I'm trying to avoid the treats these days. Mama needs to drop some baby pounds. He was just being thoughtful.

So another year has come and gone. Sometimes I feel like I should have done more with my life by now but other times I feel like it's all I can do to just get through a single day. And I don't care that my 30th wasn't My Best Birthday Ever. But my 40th? That's huge. Dale better start planning now. =)


Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

I love this blog... cause its exactly me right now. I wanted an earth shattering birthday for my 30th ( tomorrow) & I know we don't have the money to do it either. I actually also suggested the temple. Small world. I'm sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, on your birthday... but happy belated :)

The Frosts said...

Happy birthday! You definitely sound wiser, but not older. I'm glad you had a good day! You are so great!

Anonymous said...

Dale is right, you are truly 'top-notch'. Hope your birthday was wonderful. Love you!