Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Best Christmas Story

Wanna hear a good story? Well, I've got one. I believe there are still more good people than bad in this world and this story helps prove it.

So Tabby has been wanting Zhu Zhu Pets since her birthday which was June of this year. I couldn't find them in the stores and back then I had no idea about the crazy freak out that was starting to happen over these toys. Tabby kept asking for them the rest of the year and I kept checking all the stores when I went shopping. Not a Zhu Zhu in sight. Well the crazy freak out hype fest has only increased as Christmas time has gotten closer. And of course, that's what Tabby put first on her list. I heard the line for these pets wrapped around Toys R Us twice on Black Friday. Don't worry, I wasn't in it. I didn't take my searching that far. I don't care how bad my kids want something, I'm not about to go duke it up in the toy aisle with the other crazed parents.

Anywho, around Halloween I told my grandma who lives in Montana about how Tabby wanted these little critters and how we couldn't find them anywhere. I asked her if she wouldn't mind looking at the Target near them (that's the only toy store they have) because maybe there was less demand for them up there in their tiny town. They went to look and of course, no dice. They asked an employee when the next shipment was coming. They were told there was going to be one last shipment of them before Christmas but they didn't know when it would be. Well get this, I happen to have the best grandparents on earth and do you know what my best grandparents did? They began checking Target for those darn things EVERY MORNING! Bless them. Almost every employee at this Target knows my grandparents now. They all knew that they were checking for the Zhu Zhu's and expected them to come in each morning.

Fast forward to last Saturday. My grandparents decided not to go check that morning because it was -15 degrees. Holy crud. They figured no shipments would be coming in on a Saturday anyway. They stayed home on Monday and Tuesday for the same reason. They did end up going Wednesday morning when the Arctic Chill had eased a bit and as they were in the store and rounding the corner to the Zhu Zhu shelf, an employee runs up to them and asks "Did you get them?" My grandpa says "Get what, the Zhu Zhu's?" She says "They got here on Saturday! We all waited and watched for you!" My grandma said sadly, "No we didn't come in on Saturday!" So then the employee says "It's okay, my friend and I got some for you!" My grandparents were shocked! So the girl proceeds to tell them that she has them at her mom's house and gave them the address and told them that her mom was expecting them. On the way, my grandparents figured "Well okay, they got them for us but they will probably double the price." Which they decided was okay, they didn't mind paying a bit more.

So when they get there, out comes this big red bag with three Zhu Zhu's in it. My grandpa gets his check book out and writes a check for $50.00. He figured the girl was young and was in college and could use a little extra. My grandpa hands over the check and the mom refuses it! She says, "We don't want any money, these are a Christmas gift for you!" Shock and awe people! Do you know how much these things are going for on Ebay? A few weeks ago I saw that someone was selling a large set of them for $5,000. Yes, five grand. And here were these kind people giving these as a gift, not selling them out of greed. Giving them to people they didn't even know, mind you. And I mentioned that the employee at Target had a friend. This friend of hers has a mom who is dying of cancer and he is so torn up about it that he is trying to do good deeds to make himself feel better about his mom. He's the one who went and got them that Saturday. Amazing.

I am blown away at the generosity of these people who live far away and did something so kind for a little girl they have never met. I feel like I need to pay it forward big time and I am truly humbled. What a special Christmas we will have!


Chad~Nicole said...

Is it dumb that I'm crying over a dumb story about these darn pets. Those pets will be extra special to Tabby.

Becky said...

I'm all misty eyed too... I'm glad some people still have Christmas Spirit!

C. Geertsen said...

I've heard the story 3 times and still get misty eyed. I love these people.

Magi said...

crying as well

GoatesGirl said...

I love that the true meaning of Christmas is really out there. That is AWESOME!

Merry Christmas!

Summer said...