Monday, December 7, 2009

Hay is for Horses

We are a very lucky family. We are lucky because we have a papa who is a cowboy and will take us on hayrides whenever we ask. Last Saturday, the whole family met at the barn in Lehi for a hayride in the groves and a campfire afterwards.

You will have to forgive me for the not so awesome pics. There were about a trillion people on the hayride and among them my own kids who all demanded to sit at the very edge of the flatbed. Making sure they didn't decide to jump for it was my main priority, taking pics was my second. Hence, blurry and chaotic pics.

There are lots of animals at the barn in Lehi. Before we got on our way, the kids entertained themselves by chasing the chickens. Rex was really proud of himself because he caught one. He didn't want to let go of it but his mean mama made him because she didn't feel like cleaning chicken poop off of his clothes. Plus, I'm skittish around critters and chickens totally fall in to that category. Yes, holding chickens grosses me out. Good to see Rex isn't a fraidy cat like his mom.
Our beasts of burden:
I had Gunner all snuggled up in his "papoose." Actually it's a Moby Wrap. If you have a little baby, get one of these. They are awesome.
Very concerned about something:
Ella Rose. This was the best pic I got of her. In all the others, she was doing her usual crazy cheese face. Not so cute.
We love our cousin Kenny. He watches out for the littles and he lets them wear his sunglasses.
Gunner even tried them on.
Me, and my hubby. Check out my sultry hayride face! Rawr!
Here's Scott looking off into the distance wishing for a wild animal and a shotgun.
Cousin Elise. She even looks darling on a hayride.
Miranda sat with Grandma and was too cold to smile.
Our cowboy Papa.
After the hayride, we got our fire going and roasted hot dogs and made 'smores.
Here's Papa cooking the dogs.
Real men roast marshmallows.
Daddy showing Rex how it's done.
Around the fire there are tree stumps to sit on. Look closely at this one:

I'm "stumped" by this picture. Can anyone help me get to the "bottom" of this? For some reason, this picture really "bums" me out. Hee Hee! Is this not the most awesome thing ever?
Ella Rose showing off her marshmallow eating skills. Good thing we brought wipes. I told her if she did that again, we would let the horses lick her hands clean. She did not like that suggestion and did not do it again.
Thanks for the fun hayride Papa and Grandma! Can't wait to do it again!


Keri said...

I have to agree with you on the Moby Wrap, I loved it! Of course Grant grew out of it pretty quickly, still so worth it!

Keri said...

I forgot that I was going to tell you that my grandpa took us on a hayride every year for forever! Exept he used his awesome super old tractor and we would go through the groves and over by the river bottom. The cool thing to do was jump off and collect something cool and catch up and jump back on. Ahhhh, the memories. Your kids will always remember those times.