Monday, January 18, 2010

6 Months Already

This little chunky monkey turned 6 months old already!
He's accomplished quite a lot in his life so far. He rolls over both ways. He snatches anything within arms reach and puts it right directly in his mouth. This includes my hair. He has two teeth sprouting and he continues to be ginormous. I just wish one of the things on the list of stuff he can do is hold own bottle. He'd rather have his mama feed him. I guess I will miss that when he gets older so I shouldn't complain too much.

I just love his pudgy little hands. So squishy. Check out the slobber covered finger. That's one of his new things to combat his teething.
Fat little feet too! Yum! Here's one time where cankles are actually cute!
Compare these two similar pics:

3 months:
6 months:
Oooo! I love it!


Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

thats one freaking cute little kid!!!

Magi said...

he HAS to be the Stay Puft marshmallow man for Halloween this year. HAS TOO!!!

C. Geertsen said...


caroline said...


McDougal Family said...

he is SO CUTE! I just want to pinch and squeeze him all over!:)