Thursday, November 15, 2007

I guess I'm it...

I got tagged by both Stacy and Stacia so I guess I'll just do one for the both of them. Or should I do one that's true and one that's completely false and you guys have to guess which one is true? I'll just do you a favor and tell the truth:

4 Places I've Worked:
Sunsplash Life Guard - it's not as glam as it sounds.
Fitness Works Front Desk - it stunk for a while but I got promoted to manager!
Admin Assistant to the CIO and CFO at a credit union - I had the most high maintenance boss ever!
My house raising my babies - it's very rewarding, I just wish it paid better.

4 Places I've Lived:
Provo, Utah
New Zealand - okay only for 2 months but that should count, right?
Queen Creek

4 Favorite TV Shows:
So You Think You Can Dance - this is my ultimate favorite. It comes on every Summer. I miss it!
The Office - Which Bear is Best?
Ugly Betty
Project Runway - new season just started last night!

4 Movies I Want to See:
Love in the Time of Cholera - but I won't cause it's rated R
Into The Wild - but I won't cause it's rated R
August Rush

4 Favorite Foods:
Diet Mountain Dew. I'm currently trying to break my addiction to this. I think I might need to go to rehab for a detox.
Carrabba's - I forget the name of the pasta dish I like but I get it every time I go.
Butterfinger Big Crisp - Snickers used to be my fave candy bar but this one has knocked it out of the lead.
Taco Bell - good thing there isn't one anywhere near my house.

4 Weird Things About Me:
I hate cooking! I mean I loathe it! I will bake an occasional fun treat sometimes but that's it!!! Well, I do cook dinner and stuff. I won't let my kids starve or anything.
I'm terrified of the dark and I have a fear of things popping out of nowhere and scaring me. I will never ever go into a haunted house!
I can't unscramble words. My brain just doesn't work that way.
I love to have my hair played with. I even try to get my kids to do it.

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
Virgin Islands - It's been my dream to go there
On a date with my hubby
Shopping for clothes or things for my house

4 People I'm Tagging:
Wendy Fuller
Heidi Anderson
Becky Jones
Cresta Topol


Cindy said...

I love reading these tag things- you can learn a lot about a person! Did you know that they're supposed to be building a Taco Bell on Ocotillo/Rittenhouse? I'm so excited. It will be nice to have someplace cheap to run to on the nights that I can't or don't want to cook!

Heidi Ann said...

Crap! Why?!?!

Heather & Jamie Darger said...

I am SO glad to hear a fellow Loather of cooking. But if you ask my Step-Mom she'll say my kids DO starve. Oh please! At least you can chicken :)

Becky J. said...

Ok, seriously, I'm craving Taco Bell now!! I love Taco Bell. Please let Cindy be right, that there will be one here soon! Ok, enough rambling from a crazy prego lady.... Love the tag.

Wendy Fuller said...

Okay, I so know you and I can bet everyone will see you with your running stroller and Tabby tagging along behind on her bike as you head to Taco Bell to feed your addiction!!! I think we need an intervention...!No more Diet Dew, or Taco bell. That would be your worst nightmare!