Friday, April 25, 2008

So I went to a sports injury specialist on Wednesday and I got x-rays and an MRI yesterday. BTW, if you want the best nap ever, go get an MRI. Slept like a baby.

I have an appointment on Tuesday for the doc to see my films and tell me just how jacked-up my knees really are. I wish I knew how to read x-rays because the suspense is killing me! Did you know they can take cartilage from the comb of a rooster and inject it in to your knee? Gross! But if it worked on me, I'd totally do it! He says he thinks I will need physical therapy too. Not that I wouldn't mind going, but having to farm my kids out a couple times each week isn't going to be fun. Someone needs to open a physical therapy office with a daycare center. Sign me up for that one.


Jamie said...

Yikes. Good luck with it all and good job on the marathon. So what if you had to walk.... sure beats what I've been doing lately...nothing. You're still my inspiration. :)

Darger said...

We took Bailey down to Kempton and Kempton by the Safeway off was only 8 times but I liked him. It was close (Kinda)

I LOVE getting MRI's...I always wonder if I am snoring though and moving and you know how they are about THAT!