Thursday, July 29, 2010

Numero Cinco

Yep, baby number 5 is on the way! Yes, I realize that Gunner is still a baby and yes, it was intentional.

Right after I had Gunner, a part of me felt like I could be done but I had a really strong feeling that there was another one.

So, being the git er' done type of gal that I am, I figured now was better than later and here we are, expecting another beautiful Morris baby!

I believe this is the last one. I feel like I should put an asterisk after that statement and say that I could change my mind down the line and totally eat my words but seriously, these pregnancies are rough on me.

Many times I have shouted out "I'm never doing this again!" Followed by me spewing up an entire meal into the toilet. TMI? Sorry.

Anyway, sickness and other symptoms aside, we are truly excited for our arrival in March! The kids talk about it everyday and announce it to every one they meet. The are already calling the baby "she" and "her." We shall see if they are right or not.


Leefamlee Treasures said...


McDougal Family said...

Yeah! Congrats Alys! Hope your pregnancy is going well!

Kari said...

Congrats Alys! So excited for you guys! You make such cute babies!

Brooke Romney said...

Congrats babe. Hope you are feeling better and we are so excited about #5.

Michelle said...

WOnderful! Congrats!