Monday, August 6, 2012

Back In School 2012

We made it through another summer in one piece!

I looked forward to this day with great excitement and so did the kids but I will say that when I got back home after dropping them off, I was *slightly* sad. The house was so quiet and it made me miss those big kids of mine. But then I sat down and ate my breakfast in peace while Gunner and Race played and my sadness was done!

Here we are right before we left for school:

Tabby age 9 in 4th grade, Rex 7 in 2nd grade, Ella age 6 in 1st grade. Gunner and Race only wish they were old enough to go!
DSC_0121.jpg DSC_0124.jpg DSC_0128.jpg 

Then I took some pics while they waited to be called in to their classes.
Gunner really wanted to be in Ella's picture. Who am I to deny that cute face of his?
DSC_0140.jpg DSC_0143.jpg

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Heather said...

They all look beautiful! You are a great photographer. I hope they have a good school year!