Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Best in 08

It's late at night and I took a nap earlier today. I can't fall asleep so why not blog?

Tabby got a DVD for Christmas that teaches little girls how to be a cheerleader. There is a cheer about making your "good better and your better best." Naturally, she's watched it at least a million times and now the song is playing over and over again in my head.

That little phrase is making me think of New Year's Resolutions. Normally, I don't make any. I think it's kinda silly. But I did make a resolution last year and I actually accomplished it so I am encouraged. What was that resolution? To not get pregnant for the whole year. Yay for me, I did it! Best resolution I ever made.

Anyway, here goes for 2008. I kept the bar pretty low so let's see if I can do 'em:

1.) Hang up my clothes if they aren't dirty. I have a horrible habit of trying clothes on and then not hanging them back up if I don't decide to wear them. Or if I did wear something and it's not justifiably dirty, I chuck it on the floor or my dresser instead of putting it back in the closet. If I get ambitious and clean my room, it's a pigsty again in about 3 days.

2.) Have individual playtime with each of my kids every day. You are probably thinking "What an awful mom, she doesn't play with her kids!" I do play with my kiddos, just not as much as I think I should. I don't know about your kids, but mine are starved for attention 24/7. There aren't enough hours in the day to fill them up with as much attention as they want! But at least I can try harder to make them feel special and loved every day.

That's it, only 2. There are a bazillion other things that I can improve on but let's just focus on these 2 and see where that gets me. I'll report back in 12 months.

What are your resolutions?


Heather and Ryan said...

LOL!! Your number one resolution should be mine as well, I do that exact same thing :)

Cindy said...

Those exact things are what I should be working on, too!! I have this stack of clothes in my closet of things that I took off and just didn't feel like hanging up. :)

Heather and Ryan said...

LOL!!! Thats what Ryans grandma used to do :) Leave the tree up and decorate for each season.....But a christmas tree decorated with ghosts and easter eggs still looks like a CHRISTMAS TREE to me ;)

Chad & Nicole said...

I feel guilty about not playing with my kids more too. I fel like I'm always telling Canon, "I'll play with you in a minute...after I do the laundry, dishes, etc."

Heather & Jamie Darger said...

Oh you dont give yourself enough credit! Sounds pretty great to me. At least you have some this year. I need to jump on board.