Monday, January 7, 2008


Yes! We got a trampoline! And best of all? It was FREE! You all know I love a good deal but nothing gets better than this! My sis-in-law needed a higher one because her growing kids were hitting the ground when they bounce (it's only 2ft. tall.) She got a new one and gave this one to us! I love that it's low to the ground. If my kids tumble off, no worries because they don't have far to fall. They've been on this thing for hours a day. Rex especially loves it.

Here are our scrubby looking kids having a blast!

Piggy hasn't tried it yet. You can see he's thinking about it:

We all love that great static effect:


Becky J. said...

Trampolines are the best entertainment for little kids! It gets the energy out too!

Cresta said...

Tabby was SOOO funny today, you could probably write a small book of the things that girl says! Here's a sample (and she was only here 2 hours) - "I LOVE spanking naughty babies bums!" "I am a baby expert!" "Why is your husband the bishop, who would marry a bishop?" (good question Tabby):)

Jamie & Johnny said...

Oh the days of the trampolines. Looks like they are having fun. Love the hair do Tabby! Watch out for arms, we broke two arms in my family until we decided to get rid of it!!

MichelleY said...

How fun! Grandma and Grandpa got a tramp in their backyard for Christmas, so Brodie is entertained for hours there- it's so nice! I love how jumping gets ALMOST all of their energy out too.

Heather and Ryan said...

AWE!! Looks like lots of fun!!