Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Am I really that Weird?

I got tagged again. Not surprisingly, it wasn't that hard for me to come up with "7 Weird Things About Me."

1.) I have to smell a book before I read it. Odd, yes, I know.

2.) I won't eat it if it came out of the water. Even tuna. No to seafood!

3.) Although I never graduated, I went to school to be a firefighter/paramedic. I got pretty far in my training. Then, as with all of my "attempted" degrees, I didn't finish.

4.) I have to check on my kids at least 2 times before I go to bed. I know this is a little OCD. But I think everyone has a touch of the OCD in them.

5.) I can't be left alone in the dark. I start to freak out. Dale even has to turn out the house lights after I've gone into the bedroom.

6.) Okay this one's really odd, hopefully I can explain it well enough. I can't stand it if the microwave is not cooking anything and it's not showing the time. You know if you take something out and there was still time left and the timer stays on the screen until you hit the "clock" button? I will get up from across the room and change it so the clock shows.

7.) I love to watch the news. Nerdy, I know. Especially when something big has happened. I'm glued to it.

Thanks Lisa for tagging me!
Now I will tag Adele and Lauren


LisaLaughs said...

OMG, I do that thing with the microwave too!! Yes, I beleive there is a little OCD in the best of us!! LOL Your Valentines are incredible!!! Have a great day!!!

Chad & Nicole said...

I'm with you on the microwave and watching the news. Smelling a book before you read it...that's a little strange. :)

Margaret said...

I do the microwave thing too, and to my VCR (yes we still have one!) I especially enjoy re-setting them after a power outage. Did your fearof the dark come from stranger danger? poltergiest?

JacksonFamily said...

I totally agree with the microwave thing!