Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dealing with my problems...

I have gone though the five stages of grief and now I am ready to face my problem head on:

1.) Denial - This isn't happening! This is totally not my fault!

2.) Anger - How could anyone do this? This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me!

3.) Bargaining - If someone would just fix this for me, I will never make this mistake again, I promise!

4.) Depression - I am too overwhelmed to deal with it. It makes me so sad. It's hopeless.

5.) Acceptance - Okay fine! I will clean my dang garage!


Kim Skinner said...

Good luck with that. I go through those same stages every time I look at my laundry, the inside of my car, my bills, my office, my body, etc.

Chad & Nicole said...

My dream home is gonna have a 20 car garage, so 18 of the spaces can be "storage."

Karolee said...

Ditto to Kim! Spring cleaning actually does take me all spring just to get a handle on it all again.

I'm happy to say, I can park one car in my garage as of this week! That's a first in this house!