Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tabby Lou

Friday night, I took Tabby out on a mommy/daughter date to see Coraline. Before we left, I took some pics of my girl who is growing up entirely too fast.

Do we not look awesome in our 3D glasses?
The movie was kinda spooky and when it was over I asked her how she felt about it. She told me that she liked it but it freaked her out. Hope I didn't scar her for life.


Magi said...

is she freaked?

The Henderson Family said...

I heard that movie was kinda freaky! And OMG...we have a little mini Alys on our hands! She looks just like you! And grow up entirely too fast! My oldest is eight already!

PetersonFam4 said...

Tabby is adorable! Cute blog. I have never heard of that movie. Shows how out of the loop I am ;)