Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trying to Be Optimistic

Ugh. I am really ticked off right now. Not at anyone in particular. It's just that our rental house in Gilbert fell through because of the giant nasty MOLD problem that was discovered this weekend! I'm ticked because I really liked that house and was excited to live there. Thank goodness it was discovered before we moved in there though. A newborn, a child with asthma (Tabby has it), and a husband with awful allergies would not be the perfect candidates for a mold infested house. I feel bad for the owners, what a huge annoyance to deal with. Anyway, we decided we really do want to try to live in that area so we drove down street after street looking for houses. We really couldn't find anything that would work for our family. Not that beggars can be choosers but we shouldn't have to live in a house that we hate, right? Not knowing were we are going to be able to move our family to when we lose our house next month is not the best feeling in the world.


Karolee said...

Oh Alys, what a bummer! You just might have to find something in our neighborhood. *wishful thinking on my part!* I'm sure it will all work out.

Julie said...

That's a big fat bummer! I am so sorry. People should know better than to disappoint a pregnant woman!

Heather and Brad said...

Oh, big bummer. I hope you'll be able to find something fast. Who knows, it might even be better than the mold house.

Morris Fam said...

You can always come live with us! You never have to worry about being homeless.
Love the cute Jewelery.
Love you!

Lil Beck said...

What other areas would you be open to? There are some very reasonably priced rental homes in the area by my work, called the foothills.....interested? It is VERY important that you feel happy about where you live. And I know it's out there for you!