Sunday, September 6, 2009

Heather's Shower

Last Saturday, I was very lucky to have the honor of hosting one of my best friend's shower for her first baby. Heather is expecting a baby girl and you know me, I always jump at the chance to go all out with pink-ness. Lots of people came and heather was showered completely.

The entry:
The favor jar:
Everybody wrote their best wishes for Heather and put them in this box:
"C" is for Claire:
The start of what turned out to be a humongous gift pile:
Lauren (Heather's sister) made this darling gift box:
Check out all the clothes!
Aren't baby girl clothes so fun?
The decos over the food table:
The key to any successful shower, FOOD!
Lauren made these drink decos. Crafty, no?
Another delicious Magi cake:
Lacey and her baby boy Emmett:

All 3 of these babies were born around the same time! That's Elise holding Kenna, me holding Gunner, and Natalie holding Rilyn.
Heather's mom holding her oldest grand-baby Gracie.
Heather and our good friend Diana.
Thanks for letting me host your shower Heather! Can't wait to meet your sweet Claire!


Momma Dianna said...
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Momma Dianna said...

It was so fun seeing you girls, it'd been way too long! You both looked so great! And sure can throw a very cute (pink) party! Glad to hear Heather got some great stuff for her little girl and was so loved by all the guests! You shoulda just exed me out of that picture though...who would have thought having a braid in your hair up by your face would make you look like that! I was thinking of growing my hair out, but that pic definitely gave me second thoughts eeewww!

Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

what an adorable shower!!!!

Tim and Aubrey said...

Wow...that looks fabulous. When I grow up I want to be like you!

McDougal Family said...

Wow! You are amazing! Next time I host a party.....I'm paying you to decorate! :)


Everything looked fab! Love all the pictures!

Kim Skinner said...

you know how to party. you are the queen of tulle and bling that's for sure. love it all!

Michelle said...

A girl of my own heart. You should go into interior design or party planning for REAL.