Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best Parade Ever!

It was a great day today! Not only did we get to honor our brave veterans, this little lady got to march in her very first parade:
She goes to a dance class taught by my sis in law Tracy and this morning they all performed in a Veteran's Day parade. It was such a fun thing to watch and I was a proud mama.
Tabby has lots of cousins going to the same dance place who marched in the parade too. Here is little cousin Ameliah.
There were lots of different types of entries in the parade. Most of them military. Here is some of my family waiting in the staging area. Notice the guy behind them waiting for us to get out of the way so he can park his tank.
Here we all are on the parade route waiting for our darling dancers to come by.
Papa took good care of baby Gunner while we watched. It's not an easy task, holding him. He weighs nearly 19 pounds!
Luckily, Papa found a seat so he could rest his aching arms:
It wouldn't be a picture of Ella if she didn't have dirt smeared all over her face:
A cop came by and gave Rex a flag, a badge, a pin, and a key chain. Rex clung to this stuff the rest of the parade because he thought it made him a real cop.
We saw some great stuff while we were waiting. There were real military planes flying over us. Dale could tell you what kind they were but I certainly can't.
I think he said one of these was a Mustang. I thought those were cars.
A moving banner:
I smiled at this little tank rolling along. It looked like a loud and bumpy ride. I bet their teeth rattled the rest of the day. I love that grandma is the machine gunner.
Thank you for your service, sir.
A real Chopper from Nam:
It's not a parade without horses. Especially ones with painted glittery hooves. I always wanted to be a rodeo queen. I bet I would have been awesome at barrel racing.
Yay! The girls are finally coming!
The littles sat in the trailer and waived their poms at us. Here is Miranda, Tracy's girl:
Ameliah was so excited when she saw us!
The dancers behind the trailer are grooving to the beat. Tabby was totally on the OTHER SIDE. Guess I could have planned that a little better!
Got some good ones of her marching away:
Good girl. Look for Mama's camera:
It was an awesome parade and had a great time seeing the veterans who so bravely went overseas and fought for us. It was fun to shout "thank you" to them and clap as they went by. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the brave men and women who have fought and are currently fighting for our liberty so I can freely teach my children what I know to be true. And a special thank you to my Grandpas and Dale's Grandpas who all went to war and battled for our families and our freedom.
"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." -Elmer Davis


Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

that was an awesome post! & could your kids look any more like you?! They are all so adorable!

johnsonteammom said...

Beautiful pics of the kids and the parade. Shout out to Phoebe and Becky - I saw them in the pics.