Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jersey's First Birthday

This past Saturday, my friend Heidi asked me to help decorate for a very special birthday party for her daughter Jersey who is an angel in heaven. She was born last November and lived only a short time on this earth but touched more lives than most people do in a normal lifetime. It was a happy event and I was honored to help celebrate Jersey Girl's first birthday.

It was a beautiful day and I took tons of pics. Hope you don't mind me sharing.

Next to the front door:
The front entrance with the guest favors:
A very special book about Jersey's amazing life. The white box has the Jersey Beads in them:
Is this not the most amazing cake? It was made by Mandi Rohner. Gorgeous!
Jersey was in the hospital over Christmas time and this tree was set up in her room. So precious.
A delicious spread. So many yummy things were brought in!
Heidi's mom set up an angel making station. Each kid got to make and take home a sweet little angel.
This is Jersey's big sis, Tatum. She wears her angel wings to be like Jersey.
They served cotton candy and my girls got covered in it.
One of the best things about the party was that the guests were asked to bring donations to help create "survival kits" for the parents at St. Joe's. A Giant Mountain of Toothpaste!!! Everyone was so generous.
Thanks for let me be a part of this most special day, Heidi!

If you want, you can read more about Jersey's story here.

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Jessica said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate a day that could be filled with such grief.