Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gunn Boy is 8 Months

My little hefty boy is 8 months old now.
Don't you just love all of his squishies?

Time really does fly. Gunner is really an amazing little guy and I feel so blessed that he is mine.

He's done all sorts of really cool things with his life since I last posted about him. He can sit up now, he has 2 little toofies and two more are almost in. He hardly makes a fuss about it though, being the sweet little guy he is. He can't crawl yet but he has mastered the belly spin. It really is funny to watch him try and figure out crawling though. He thinks if he kicks his legs hard enough, he will go somewhere. Not quite, Gunner.

I have also reached a milestone. I just moved Gunner out of my bedside crib and into his big crib in Rex's room. I know, I'm crazy. 8 months is a really long time to have your baby sleeping in your room. But you know how everybody has a little bit of OCD? Mine is checking on my kids and making sure they are breathing. It all started when Tabby was an infant and was diagnosed with a heart defect. It wasn't anything super serious but it was still hard for me to put her to sleep every night so I would go in and check on her at least 5 times a night. Even after she had her corrective surgery. So I guess you could say that's what started it and now I have to check on all my kids every night. Especially the babies. So I figured it would be easier for me to check on Gunner when he was right beside me. At least I wouldn't be having to get out of bed a bunch of times. But I have gotten better control of it now and since I've moved Gunner into a different room, I only have to check on my kids twice before I fall asleep. I've successfully reduced my craziness a good amount.

One last milestone to tell you about. Or show you rather:

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kspinning said...

Baby talk is the best. I can't get enough of it!