Monday, March 8, 2010

Lamp Re-Vamp

I have two of these floor lamps in our family room and always thought they looked quite blank:

I've been wanting to dress them up for a while but couldn't decide on what to do. I thought about adding beads and fringe and bows but didn't like anything I tried.

Finally, I came up with something. Here is what I ended up doing:
Flowers! I love them!
Best thing about it? It was free! I already had all the materials. I used black satin ribbon for the sash, black satin fabric cut into strips for the flowers, glue and felt.

I thought about doing different colored flowers and maybe using fabric with a pattern but decided that all black looked best against the stripes on the shade.

Now I can move on to obsessing about another part of my house.

1 comment:

Magi said...

It must be Dale's new fav feature in the home. very pretty