Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Veteran's Day Parade!

Our girlies got to march in the Mesa Vet's Day Parade this past Thursday! This was Tabby's second year and Ella's first time. They both had fun and I was a proud mama! I kept telling my kids how fun it is for parents to get to see their kids do awesome things.

The only bad part of this great day was when the girls were waiting in the staging area and a car rolled over a full water bottle that had it's lid on. The water fired out like a rocket and was a direct hit on Tabby. All she heard was a loud BANG and next thing she knew, she was soaked. Poor thing. All she was worried that her wet pom poms would get water on the girls next to her.

Other than that, is was a perfect day.

Here are some pics of the girls before the parade started:
The preschool aged girls get to cheer from the trailer. Here is Ella waiting to start.

All the Dance Addiction girlies!

Here's our group that came to watch. We are all excitedly anticipating the dancers coming by!

Luckily, they weren't that far back in the parade order so it was a short wait!

Ella gave us a wave:

Tabby told her daddy that he better not yell super loud for her and go crazy. So of course he did. Here she is trying not to be embarrassed.

There they go!

Here's the video we took. You can hear Dale yelling like a fool.

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Marly Kaziahh said...

So cute! Ella looks just like Tabby now! All that curly hair! So fun!