Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tabby's Cheer

Tabby had such a blast taking cheer back in the Fall. That's right I said the Fall. That's how far behind I am. But I won't bore you with 20 zillion catch up posts about what happened between then and now. I'm just going to blog about the important stuff for posterity's sake.

She cheered for the "Galaxy" and I thought it was the darn cutest thing ever. Her little tiny self in a little cheer costume. No front teeth and two pom poms. She shouted for all she was worth except for when she was tired. Which ended up being quite a lot.

Tabby Cheer-5.jpg
Tabby Cheer-9.jpg

At her last game, I asked her some questions about cheer.

I think she had a good season and we will probably be back!

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