Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's New With Us?

Honestly not much. Sorry to be anti climactic.

We had a great "keep it simple" Christmas. In a way, I was forced to keep it simple because I was crazy sick pretty much all of December. But Christmas itself was very enjoyable. I've decided not to feel bad about not posting pics from Christmas and New Years. You all know what we look like anyway. I think it's better just to keep the posts moving right along. Besides, no need to recap the past when we've got so much fun stuff to look forward to.

First on the docket is our new baby expected at the end of the month!

Selfishly, I want him out now because I'm swollen from head to toe and feel as big as a whale. But as a mom, I realize it's good to let him cook a little longer. I've heard the philosophy about how boys that are born a little too early are more prone to struggle with their lungs. This helps me tell myself to be patient as I get up for the millionth time in the night to use the restroom.

Also, I am really enjoying peoples' reaction when they ask me if this is my first and I tell them it's my fifth. That always gets 'em!

After that, Dale turns 40! He keeps saying he's old but he's not. And he's just as cute as ever.

I still can't think of a gift for him. What do you get for the guy who doesn't have anything? He's too simple! Give him an XBox 360 and he's a happy camper. That's what I got him last year and he hasn't asked for anything since.

And finally, my Tabby Lou turns 8 and gets baptized this year! What? Am I really old enough to have a child getting baptized? Yep.

I am really excited for her too. She often brings up how she wants to be baptized now and just can't wait. Oh what a special day it will be!

As a side note, it really does freak me out a little bit to think that I will already have 5 children by the time the oldest one gets baptized. Did I set some sort of record or something? Do I get a prize?

So those are the great things coming up for this family. Can't wait to share!


Momma Dianna said...

Sounds like life is really moving and busy for you guys! I hear you in the baby/potty department...ready to be done too, but so true that boys should take their time :) Hope for a soon-to-be and quick, safe delivery for you!

As for a baptism day, it is the best! Savor the moment and enjoy it! I've been through two kids now (so I really feel old) and it is such a great day!

Congrats on all the new, fun stuff coming up for you and can't wait to hear some baby news! Hopefully I will be soon to follow in March :)

Brooke Romney said...

Big year for you guys! It's hard to believe that our kiddos are 8 already. Jace's is coming up next month and we can't wait. I'm so excited to see pics of that new baby boy. Does he have a name?