Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ostrich Festival Parade

My girlies got to dance in the Ostrich Festival Parade this past Saturday! Race is only a week old but I felt guilty missing it. So, to the parade we all went. Our first outing as a family of 7! We lived through it just fine and we didn't even forget a kid somewhere!

Here are 3 of my handsome boys waiting for the parade to start:
Race isn't in the picture because I was wearing him like this:
I LOVE my Moby Wrap! Best way to carry a baby around!

We got there early enough to catch Ronald McDonald himself walking to the parade line up. Rex ran out to meet him and asked him if he and any burgers for his daddy. Sadly no, but he did stop long enough to give him some high fives and foot fives.
Coincidentally, Ronald was marching right behind our girls and Rex thought it was the epitome of comedy to do armpit farts at Ronald. I guess Ronald shares the same level of humor as my 5 year old and laughed really loud and then shouted "There's my favorite dude!" Come on, we should totally get free burgers for that!

The girls are here! Ella is at the front of the trailer:

Tabby said she did her best marching ever. She looked so cute with her cute little self.

I was glad I made the decision to head out and see my girlies but don't be fooled. I'm for sure not back in action yet. I went right back home and put my sweats on.

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