Friday, March 4, 2011


If you would have asked me who my kids resemble most, I would have told you they look like Dale's side of the family. That was until I saw this picture that my mom recently took of Rex playing airplanes in their backyard.
20110226-Rex Morris airplane-03.jpg
When I saw this I thought "Man, this picture looks so familiar to me for some reason." Then it struck me. I was thinking of this picture:
Running Bub.jpg
Me running in my backyard about the same age. Ha! Who's got the dominant genes now???


johnsonteammom said...

That is so cool, especially when you see it in a child of your opposite gender. I still remember a school picture I saw of Drew's, I stared at it and stared at it until I figured out why it struck me as so familiar. I went and found my picture of me taken the same year and we looked like twins except for the long blond curly hair I had back then. Awesome.

Brooke Romney said...

Well, Rex, of course is a doll and so are you! And, WOW that baby!!!! He is so darling. We are so excited he is here are all eventually went well.

Five Silly Switzer's said...

OMG, That is TABBY not you!!
Can't wait to come over and meet baby Race. Hope everyone is adjusting and feeling better.