Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dentist Diva

I just have to take a moment and brag about my daughter, Tabby. She is so fearless. I took her to the dentist (Dr. Goates who is Tresure's hubby) because she needed 2 fillings. Anyway, she was SO brave. She did have a bit of trouble with the shots in her gums (who wouldn't?) She had to have 3 and she took the first 2 pretty well but I had to bargain with her to let Dr. Goates give her the 3rd. Let's just say Brandon got his 3rd shot in and Tabby was the proud owner of a red balloon after that. The rest of the time she just hung out and let Brandon use the drill and everything. She thought "Mr. Thirsty" was hilarious. I don't know many 4 year olds who will lie in a dentist's chair and let all of that stuff be done to them. And she went skipping out of the office like nothing ever happened. Here are some pics of her during the appointment:
Just chillin in the chair making everyone laugh.

The protective eyewear was very stylish!

After we left, my mom asked us to go to lunch with her. She was out riding her horse at the time so we met her at the stables. Here we are taking my mom's horse for a spin.

When we got home, Tabby's face was still numb so I took these hilarious pictures of her trying to smile.


Heidi Ann said...

I am SO proud!! I really can't believe she was so amzingly good! She deserves a major prize! I love her numb face, did she enjoy it?

Tresure said...

Those pictures are so adorable. I'm glad she did so well. Tabby always cracks us up! Good job girl!