Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kids make Christmas Fun!

Here's the Christmas recap:

The Saturday before Christmas we have our huge (and I mean huge) Porter family Christmas party. Dale's Grandma Raeleen has over 30 grandchildren (not counting spouses) and over 50 great-grandchildren and we all cram together in Aunt Jill's family room and stuff our faces with delicious Mexican food. Then we have a short program and then we get to visit. I tried to take pictures of the event, but my camera has kicked the bucket (it's very tragic!)

Then on Christmas Eve, we had a Christmas party for just the Morris Family (Dale's brothers and sisters and their kids.) Face stuffing also occurred here too.

Every Christmas Eve right before we go to bed, the "Elves" ring our doorbell. The kids run to get it but when they open it, they are gone. In their place, are jammies made by the elves for each child. Thankfully, I remembered that my sis in law Jodi loaned me her old camera a while ago so I dug it out. So let us all rest easy, Christmas 2007 was documented after all.

Here are the kids with their new jammies. The elves have style don't they?
Awww, the elves thought of me too! Aren't they cute? I can't think of anything better than a damask pattern with pink skulls on it!
Santa came!!! Santa came!!!
Of course the big hit present was the car that my grandparents got. Ella ran straight for it.
Tabby got a big play make up kit. Loves it! She is always wanting to give me makeovers so if you come over and I answer the door with bright blue eyeshadow and purple blush, you will know why.
Some of you more conservative people may roll over and die when you see what Rex got. Oh, he loved it!
Yay for slippers!

Then it was off to my parents house for our traditional Christmas breakfast (more face stuffing.)

Magi makes this DELICIOUS pull-apart every year. The gooier the better.
Tabby wanted this Barbie dress for months and months. She jumped up and down when she opened it.
Whenever you asked Rex what he wanted for Christmas, every time he would say "a race car track." He played (and still does) with this for hours.
I have to say that this was the best Christmas ever! Instead of buying our kids a bunch of stuff just so they can have presents, we just focused on getting them a few things that were exactly what they wanted. They were way more grateful and they value the presents they did get a lot more. I thought they would fight over that car but they haven't. It truly is a Christmas miracle!


Becky J. said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! We did the same sort of thing...keeping it more simple, but it was still great. My camera also kicked the bucket... so sad!

Kim Skinner said...

Looks like fun. I especially love the damask jammies!

Heather & Jamie Darger said...

WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Worst time for the Camera to give out. YOur family is so dang darling!