Monday, March 31, 2008

Had a great weekend...

I always look forward to weekends where there are lots of fun things to do. This weekend was no exception because Dale's birthday was on Sunday so we got to party this weekend. Friday night, Dale was taken to the ASU game by his friends and brothers. He got a free ASU T-Shirt thrown to him and it was just his size. And ASU won! I'm sure they arranged that because the team knew it was Dale's birthday. Saturday night we went to Fuddrucker's which we do for Dale's birthday every year.

All of our family and friends come too and we nearly take up the whole room. We tell funny stories, eat good food and laugh a ton. As far as Dale's birthday present goes, I got him a pair of dumbbells. Exciting, I know. But he really wanted them so that's what I got. I would have loved to get him a whole set but I was shocked to learn how much a whole set costs! So we will have to gradually build up to that I guess.

And this weekend was also really fun because my sister's baby shower was on Saturday. She asked me to decorate for it and my parents have a BEAUTIFUL backyard so I was really excited to do this for her. And it just so happens that my dad is an awesome cook. YUM!!! Anyway, here are some pics of Magi's shower:
Special "M" for Max Cookies that my mom made:
We had these maypoles on ether side of the gate were people came in:
My parents have a clothes line on the side of their house. Yes, they still use it! Can you believe it? I thought it would be easier to decorate it than to take it down so we tied mason jars with flowers in them to the cords.
Same type of thing over the gifts too.
Can you guess now what she is naming him?
Caution, not a real cake!
Who looks this cute when they are 7 months prego?
I have to give a big thanks to my friend Heather who came early with me and helped set up. And a big thanks to my mom for "sponsoring" the shower. Can't wait to meet baby Max!


Chad & Nicole said...

Everything looks professionally done...the cookies, the decorations. Looks like fun!

MichelleY said...

Happy Birthday Dale! The shower looked beautiful - I loved the mason jars hanging and putting all the clothes up on the clothes line!

Tim and Shay said...

You have such an INCREDIBLE talent for decorating! You are awesome!

Kim Skinner said...

How cute are you?! It turned out great. Love the decorations. You did good!

Jeff & Tressa said...

Everything looks so cute! And happy birthday, Dale! The burger looks delicious to me right about now.

T Goates said...

So gorgeous Alys! What a great sister you are. Guess I know who to come to when I need help with a party!

Cindy said...

Wow, you are so talented! What a beautiful shower!