Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is gonna be a long one...

I am so behind on life! Ever since Ragnar, it seems as though I have been busier than I ever have been before. I'm sure I've had more hectic times, but I can't remember them. I've had a lot of stuff keeping me busy, but but for the sake of your attention span, I will only recap the more exciting things of the past month.

1.) Ragnar baby!
This was by far one of the funnest and crappiest things I have done in my life! Our 12 women team ran 187 miles relay-style from Wickenburg to Mesa. The course was divided up in to 36 legs and we each had to run 3 of them. I think I can speak for the group that we all had a blast and we'd do it again but it was HARD!!! I have never been more tired in my life! I'd say I got about 5 hours of sleep total in those 2 days. It was unseasonably warm and the heat messed us up! Here are some of my fave pics:

Here is the gang the first day:
Props to Cresta for running her first leg in a hula skirt!
Whoever thought of hanging the disco ball from the ceiling is a genius.
Becky and Heather were our drivers. They, BY FAR put up with the most crap out of anyone. They both drove humongous vans filled with stinky, crabby runners. I'm amazed that they didn't just give up and drive us all over a cliff. I wouldn't have blamed them if they did.
Contrary to this picture, none of us got lost! Miracle!
We all had to match of course, part of our uniform was our "bling" visors with our initials in rhinestones.
Here we are coming across the finish line! Can you see the elation on my face? I'm in the way back with my arms up. Never have I been more relieved to be done running.
We did it!

2.) A few days after this, I photographed a wedding. I used to do this all the time but now I have 3 kids and it's next to impossible to do this for a business when you have babies, but this girl was a good friend of my sweet sis in law so I came out of retirement just for her. And now I'm glad to be back in retirement because I felt so rusty!

3.) Funny that this is #3 on my list because Rex turned 3 this month! Dale took him to an ASU baseball game with his buddies and he had the time of his life! Then we had a small family party at my parent's house.

We played ball
Thanks to Magi for bringing the bubble machine
Rex loved his Razor!
Don't ever buy expensive party toys or games, just buy balloons, that's all they'll play with anyway.
Here's Rex getting sung to.
Okay, my sis makes the most rad cakes around. Last year she made a tank cake
And this year she made him a monster truck cake.

4.) I'm still training for my marathon which is now less than 4 weeks away (yikes!) Last Saturday, Karolee and I ran down by Usery. It was an awesome run until I injured my knee on the LAST mile! My knees are in poor shape as it is. So now I am nursing it and hoping for the best. I've already registered for the race and the money is non-refundable so I will compete in that marathon if I have to hop on one leg for the whole thing! I'll be darned if I'm out $80 bucks!

5.) I've been at death's door since Thursday with the worst flu ever. I felt fine all day, I ran errands and everything and then (Stacy Johnson, don't read this) Ella barfed up an entire sippy's worth of milk all over herself and her car seat. Needless to say, we drove home with every car window down. Rex got a kick out of that. By the time I got Ella in the tub and removed the "drenched" car seat from the car, I started feeling awful. Sore throat, hacking cough, sore and achy body, nausea. Thank goodness all my kids went down for a nap because I just laid on my couch unable to move. So yes, I had a barf covered car seat in my front lawn until the next day when Dale could go out and clean it up. The worst thing about it was that I missed the Post Ragnar Party! I was so bummed! I really was so looking forward to hanging with my "Sole Sistas" again! The good part is, I never threw up! I felt like it a lot but I was able to keep a handle on things. Today is the first day I've started to feel somewhat normal. Tabby and Rex have had their flu shots and they haven't showed any symptoms yet. I am praying they don't get sick because I can't think of a worse combo than the flu and tons of Easter candy.

So that about sums it up! Thanks for reading my super long post! Happy Easter!


Darger said...

I loved every minute of your post when reading! Isnt it great how you can feel like you know how things are going without all the calls...thanks to blogging. #1...your photos are amazing! Endless talents you seem to show in every area. #2 HAPPY BIRTHDAY REX...what a hottie. #3 Okay - SO glad I am not cleaning up puke. #4 Ragnar, correction, driving was way easier than running!
Love you

Chad & Nicole said...

That flu is nasty! When I had I thought I was going to die. Sad to say, but we've experienced the barf in the car before. It isn't such a lovely experience.

johnsonteammom said...

As if everyone didn't know that I'm a super sympathy puker already, thanks for posting. I'm so glad that when I was sick, I didn't actually throw up but twice. That's what I get when I brush my teeth while pregnant (TMI?) Anyhow, out of all my friends, Ben says he likes you the best because you like the coolest music, you love Mt. Dew, and you have the coolest pictures on your blog.

Stacia said...

I'm glad to hear yo are doing better! I love your pictures too..well, all except the one with the disco ball. Just crop me out of it and it will be fine. You can borrow the disco ball anytime.

shalene and dallas said...

Hi Alys,
I found your blog through Jamie's. Congratulations on your run!! That looks like so much fun and such a fun team but very hard work. I think that is such a huge accomplishment, and you really motivate me to get back in shape to be able to do something like that. Also your sis makes unbelievable cakes, craftiness must run in the family.:-) Im going to add you to my list to keep with the happenings in your life. BTW- you have a darn cute family!

Shalene (Apuna) Miller

Karolee said...

I finally have a chance to blog-stalk! I guess I've been busy too! I'm glad that you've been updating so I can see all the fun stuff you guys have been up to! As always super cute pics!

T Goates said...

Bless you. Isn't life just grand? At least you are filling it up with good things. Great job on Ragnar...sad to have missed out. Very nice pictures of the wedding. Loved Rex's cake. And, I'm so sad you weren't feeling well & I didn't help you. Call me next time. Glad you're up and running (literally) again! =)