Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is what I get for blogging!

Some of you may already know that I have the world's most naughtiest baby. I don't say that to be mean to my baby Ella. It's just a fact. She has learned that when I go in to my office (where kids aren't allowed) it's party time. Here is just one example of the stunts she has pulled while I've been in my office:

Exhibit A - Naughty Ella who is mad at me because I caught her and spoiled her fun.
Exhibit B - smears all over my kitchen counter.
Exhibit C - Stains on the carpet and kitchen floor.Exhibit D - favorite MAC lipstick; obliterated.Sure, I guess you could say that I should have kept this in a safe place. It was in my purse in the middle of my big kitchen island. I thought it was safe enough. But now one of her favorite things to do is push the kitchen chairs over to the island, climb on top and see what kind of naughties she can find. So now every time I need to go in my office, which is a lot because I work from home, I have to move all the chairs on to the carpet (where they don't glide on the floor.) For me, that's easier that keeping the island clean. Really, who keeps their kitchen island clutter free? Isn't it just another storage area? She's lucky she's so darn cute!


The Heslingtons said...

I feel your pain! Both my girls are the same way, it is diffenet everytime I get on the computer, I have to make sure all the doors in the house are locked, or else I have a huge mess.

Fuller Family said...

oh...my little naughty friend!!! She is such a sneak...! oh well, now we are twinners with our red stained carpets!!! sorry about the mess...I know you are stressed right now! Let me know if you need a break!

T Goates said...

OH man! I think I'm the saddest for you because your lipstick is ruined...You're right she is a cutie pie. I also love the previous posting of Rex, that boy- how can you not just smile at his cuteness?

Chad & Nicole said...

That shade of red looks perfect on Ella.

Darger said...

Ohhhh how that brings back memories! We went through a serious Lipstick stage and so did our house. Spot Shot was our friend - I should introduce you.
Hope you are feeling better. We missed you tonight. Are you puking???

Kim Skinner said...

Ouch! That hurts. Love stay on lipstick until it stays on something it shouldn't.