Friday, October 3, 2008

Perfect 10

Just look at the form! Little Dude is a daredevil.


The Frosts said...

That's crazy! What a funny boy. Porter is a little more on the cautious side. I like the lil' somersault ending. I love your new crafts! You are so talented. That sucks about your dishwasher, though.

Jamie and Heather Darger said...

I'd say thats a great way to prepare him for cliff jumping in high should be so proud - and freaked at the same time . :)

Melody Williamson said...

THe funniest part was your "yay" after he was done! That is not really what I think I would have said!

Heather and Ryan said...

Ya!! I would have Freaked!! Way cute though and such a BOY! Thanks for your sweet words :)

Debbie @ said...

Hey I found your blog from Tip Junkie, and I love it. I love your fall and halloween decorations. And beautiful little ones you have, mine are college bound and I miss them terribly. I enjoyed all your posts.
Have a blessed day!

Michelle said...

my siblings and i used to have an old shed that we would jump off of, that's what this reminds me of!

but we were A LOT older! he is so brave, and talented might i say.

kids are so fun!