Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fabric Pumkins

Oh my word, I actually sewed something! This is like the time I actually cooked something!
I didn't even have to call Wendy over to fix it for me!

I got the pattern and idea from this website:

I changed the stem a little and that made me think a bit but once I figured that out, I decided it was totally doable. I'm gonna make lots in different sizes. Maybe sell them at the Team Chances auction coming up? You should make some too! It didn't take long and you know you have some spare fabric sitting around!


Magi said...

CUTE!!!!!!!! I smell the beginning of yet another crafty addiction

Heather and Brad said...

So cute, as always.

YAY!! I'm so excited for you to take our pictures!!! I still don't have an exact time for the adoption, but I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Let me know what your prices are too, a'ight?

Fuller Family said...

yay! You could have called me but I have been so pathetic lately about doing anything. I even had my sister sew both my kids halloween costumes this year. This is the first time ever I didn't make their costumes....So I am glad you are so crafty and did it all on your own! I'm so proud!