Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last of the Christmas Posts

Almost a week overdue but here it is, our fun little Christmas.

Every Christmas Eve, right before bed, the elves come to our door, make lots of funny sounds and scratching noises. The kids hear this and rush to open the door and this is what they find:
PJ's made by the elves! Fresh from the North Pole!
Then, after the kids go to bed, mom and dad get to wrapping presents. This is what happens when it's after midnight and you have run out of enough of each kind of wrapping paper to sufficiently cover a box and don't care anymore.
Christmas morning, Dale makes the kids close their eyes and walk in to the living room where the tree is.
Santa came! Santa came!
Tabby's exited about her new crown. Check out her lip gloss application skills.
Tabby's big gift was a princess vanity. She keeps calling it her princess "unity." Close enough.
Rex's big gift was a train set with a remote control. Totally a big deal for him. I haven't been able to pry him away from it since.
Ella Rose had lots of fun opening her gifts.
Dale loved his awesome new Sun Devils hat.

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's With the Cat (that's the nickname the kids gave them to help differentiate from the other sets of grandparents.)

After our annual face stuffing breakfast, we opened even more gifts.

Grandma and Grandpa got Ella an Abby Cadabby doll which she sleeps with every night now.
Grandma and grandpa also got Tabby the princess dress that matches her new crown.
Aunt Magi got Rex this awesome hoodie. I love that he's using the wrong fingers to do the pitchfork sign. I just don't think his little thumbs are long enough to reach is ring fingers to hold them down so he improvises.
Cousin Madeline. So cute!
Merry Christmas!


Nash said...

hi. i went to school with scott, dale's brother, and knew dale. also am cousins with jamie frost.
i just saw your blog and that you miscarried awhile back. i am going through that now (my 4th preg). just happy to see you are pregnant again and wanted to comment. i can't wait for my body to be normal again. hope all goes well. your kids are adorable, and i LOVED your christmas decorations. i didn't feel like doing much since i had my d&c. hope you don't mind if i check in once in awhile.
say hello to dale for me.

Chad~Nicole said...

We got the GeoTrax train last year and it is a big hit. Love the ASU stuff too.

aztribguy said...

Love the Sun Devil gear. I think your family would like my ASU sports website, Echo from the Buttes. Go Devils!!!

The Henderson Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! You just have the cutest, smiley, photogenic kids! I miss ice skating...what a fun tradition! I won't tell on you! I should try my kids ice legs sometime. Hope you are feeling well and I'm glad for you that things seem to be going better this time. Any word on your house issues? So many people are in that same boat right now. Dang economy!

Tracy Ann said...

What an awasome post. Man, those faces make all of the chaos worth it. Our house is a little different. I like have to get everyone excited about things. I love all of the enthusiasm and excitement that gleems off of those babies!!!! Merry Christmas. Great post!

And...Awesome pics for Jodi. Holly crap those were good. Professional even. No joke. We're next. If you can make family pics for our crazy bunch turn out that good you are brilliant!!

I am expecting a snow trip post soon. Hope you had fun.

Tracy Ann said...

Ps..I laughed out loud at the midnight wrapping job. Freekin' awesome!

Julie said...

I laughed when I saw the picture of the present with two different wrapping paper designs. I totally did that this year. My first few presents were perfect and by the end I was sloppy and just taping paper on boxes. Love the wrapping paper, btw.

Tim and Shay said...

Cute Pics!

Heather and Brad said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute. I smiled the entire time I read this.