Monday, December 1, 2008

Tabby's Fun Run

Last Saturday, we took Tabby to Tempe Town Lake to do the Ironman Kids Fun Run. I told Tabby that the kids get a medal when they finished so she was pretty much going out of her mind with excitement about the whole thing. Aunt Magi ran the 5k where she placed first in her age group and then afterward ran with Tabby for the fun run.

The running team:

Tabby insisted on warm-ups:

The start:

The finish. The kids got to cross on the actual Ironman finish line.

The proud Daddy:

The hard-earned medal:

I asked Magi if Tabby was able to run the whole mile without stopping. She said that she ran the whole thing unless you counted the time when she stopped to look for turtles and alligators in the Town Lake.


Heather and Brad said...

How awesome. That's amazing she ran an entire mile! Tell her I'm very impressed!

Julie said...

Too cute. I'm proud of her.