Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Diego Vacation 2012 Day 4 and 5

Thursday we set off for Mission Beach and then afterwards the boys went to see a Padres game. Didn't get many pictures of that day but I like the ones I got!

Friday was day 5 we went to Birch Aquarium, downtown San Diego, and Seaport Village.

Eating ice cream at Mission Beach. It was impossible to get all the kids to look at the camera!


Ella chose "cotton candy" ice cream.  Leave it to her to pick the craziest brightest flavor.
Friday was also Gunners birthday! He turned 3 and I tried to make it seem like it was his special day even though we were camping and super busy with activities. I felt bad and like he got gypped a little because it really didn't seem like it was his birthday. Good thing he only turned 3 and was too little to care anyway! 
I meant to write "Gunner Boy" with red icing on the cake. Looks like I let Gunner try write it himself. But no, that was my fine handiwork.
Big bro helping him blow out the candles.

After the cake we headed off to the aquarium. We were supposed to go to Legoland but there was a hitch in the plans and we put that off till the next day. The kids were bummed to have to wait some more for Legoland but they ended up really liking the aquarium.
Rex, being a ham trying to act surprised.
Giant octopus that grossed me out.

They had a room with a gigantic glass wall where you could just sit and watch the sharks and other kinds of fish. The kids were mesmerized by it. We sat and watched for a long time.


Outside there were tide pools where you could touch the sea creatures.

Feeling a starfish.
The view overlooking La Jolla
This isn't the best picture of me but I felt I had to put it in here. There have been no pictures of me up till this point and I wanted to prove I was actually there.
Shark bait!
After the aquarium, we hit up downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp district. Dale and I had been to this Ghirardelli ice cream shop before and we wanted the kids to experience it. Unbelievably yum!
Waiting for the ice cream to get here. Who the heck knows why I didn't take a picture of us with the ice cream when it actually got to our table. Maybe I was too busy stuffing my face.

It was a short drive over to Seaport Village where we walked all around, watched ships come in, and rode the merry-go-round. 
Race had fun watching us ride.

It was a fun time and I was glad the kids got to see Downtown San Diego!

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