Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Diego Vacation 2012 Day 6 and 7

Saturday was our last full day there and what better way to spend our last day in Cali than to go to Legoland? Okay, probably Disneyland. But we didn't have the coin for that place so Legoland it was.

We spent the entire day there from open to close and the kids had a blast. We didn't have time to do everything but we got to do most of the stuff we wanted to do.

Legoland has an aquarium, water park, and regular theme park. Luckily, we were able to get some cheap park hopper tickets and do all three. The aquarium was really neat and I thought the kids would be over it because we had just gone to one the day before but they were still really liked it. The water park was really fun but cold so we didn't spend a lot of time there. The rides and the food was where it was at!

First off was the Legoland aquarium. We did that first because it opened an hour earlier than the rest of the park.

Those are some ginorm crabs!

When that was done, it was time for some rides! Dale and I have a deal. He goes on all the getting wet rides with the kids because I HATE getting my clothes wet and then walking around and I go on all the spinny rides with the kids because they make him super sick. There were some of both kinds at the park so we did lots of switching.

The first ride of the day was a getting wet ride. Dale knew he was up before I said anything. He had to take the kids one at a time because they were too little to ride by themselves.


We even found some rides little Gunny could ride! He adored this airplane ride. We rode it twice.

Apparently, there are some Legoland Princesses. Who knew?

Everywhere you go there are cool things made out of Lego. Like this Chewbacca for instance.

We rode a boat ride that took you around a big lake with all sorts of Lego creations to look at.
Finally a ride Race can do!
Ella is staring me down hard in this picture for some reason. Gunner is done with smiling for the camera.
Super random picture of Lego Mt. Rushmore. Thought it was super cool though.

One of the kids favorite rides was driving Lego cars. They felt so grown up getting to drive on their own.

They had separate areas for big and little kids. One of the highlights of my whole entire trip was watching Gunner try to drive a car. We were dying. The most hilarious thing I ever saw! I only wish I had got it on video. 

One lady who was supposed to be watching all the kids, pretty much had to help only my son the entire time. He just kept on bashing into everything and his little short leg could hardly press the pedal to make it go. 

When the ride was over, the lady unbuckled him and walked away to help other kids and Gunner just buckled himself back in again. I had to run in there and pretty much peel him out of that little car. 

Even though he loved it, I'm pretty sure the Legoland employee would have punched me if I had let Gunner ride again so we moved on.
Tabby waiting to start.
Rex drove like a champ.
Ella, giving it everything she has.
Gunner, waiting to start.
Trying to figure it out.
Heading straight into a curb.
Not wanting to get out.

Here I am taking my turn on a spinny ride with the kids.
Super fun bouncy ride.
Ella really wanted a picture taken with this Lego camel. We made it a group shot.

It wouldn't be a complete success if we didn't get a picture with this guy!

The next day, it was time to pack up all our stuff and go home. We actually did it pretty quickly considering all the crap we had! This year was a trial run and we learned that we for sure didn't need as much stuff as we thought we did! We filled an entire 5x8 Uhaul trailer to the top with all our stuff! We learned we probably needed about half of what we brought!

We took one last group picture as we drove out of the KOA. Tired and dusty, sadly it was time to go.

The trip was perfect! Lots of memories made! Can't wait to go again next year!

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